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Hippie and Very Large Clit

Free love and a very large clit is what it is all about.  The hippie movement was all about going against the establishment which meant getting rid of your inhibitions and fucking anywhere at any time.  I guess there was a little anti-war stuff in there too but I don’t want you to miss my point.

hippie chick with nice clit

This is Nika and you can see that she really has an outstanding body.  Nice curves, well shaped breasts, and she is really petite.  What an enormous clitoris she has!  Seriously, you would not expect it from such a small girl.  I guess good things really do come in small packages!

hippie girl spreading her legs and pussy

You will really have your hands full with her.  Wait, you’re thinking “this guy just wrote will have your hands full.  Impossible – I would have to meet her” .  Yup.  You’re right and here is your chance to see and talk with her.  Do you need a little more motivation?  Look at this next picture.  Now just imagine what you would like her to do.

huge clit on small girl

New User Generated Teen Pussy Gallery

The last user generated content post got a lot of interest so I am giving you another one.  Enjoy these amateur hotties.

To see more of Anna’s dripping pussy.

Now hold on to yourself – actually when you see this chick you won’t be able to stop from holding yourself.  I almost was going to start over and do just a blog on her only.  What succulent pussy lips! Wow!  Seriously this is hot.

You have to check out the other pics in this gallery.  The closeup of her pussy and asshole are fantastic.  Great fucking heels.  I loved how in one shot she has goosebumps around her enormous pussy lips.

Lastly, I have a nice fresh faced amateur teen for you that has that girl next door look but could probably cause you trouble if you weren’t careful.

Juicy Clit

I had to show you these pics of Jenni and her juicy clit.  She is amazingly beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes.  She looks almost too sweet to be posing like this!

Look how sweet she is!  I think that you could talk her into playing with her little clit bud.  Sometimes the sweetest ones are the wildest.  This photo series she starts out in a hot teddy and starts showing off her small but perky breasts.  WIthin a few shots she is spreading wide open for the cameraman showing off that tight hairless pussy.

I love this next shot of her doggy style.  Her pussy lips are sticking out a little, enough where you could start brushing those lips with the head of your dick and start getting your dick we enough to slide in to the hilt.

Emily’s Teen Clit

My name is Jennifer and I was asked to do a guest review for you today.   I guess you would consider me bisexual but I don’t really like labels. I’ve always enjoyed men and women so I don’t think about it much. I was surprised when I was asked to do this but looking for a girl to review was more of a turn-on than I thought.  I decided on Emily but she is not usually the type I go for.

I usually go for a girl that’s a little thicker but I really loved the way her pussy and clit looked.  In the shot above I can picture us finishing a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine and snuggling together in the grass, giggling, and starting to run our hands over each other.  I wonder if she’s into women?

Emily has nice puffy nipples which I am really fond of.  Her tits remind me of my second encounter with a girl when I was 15.  Her name was Carol and her nipples didn’t really get hard but they puffed out more when she was getting turned-on.  Come to think of it Emily’s pussy looks a lot like Carol’s!   Carol would really moan when i started fingering her.  At that point I hadn’t licked my first pussy – that was a year later.  I’ll save that story for another day if I am asked back.  I think the little bit of hair around Emily’s pussy looks good don’t you?

If you would like me to guest post again vote on these pics.  I’ll consider it a vote for me!  Who knows I might even be convinced to post a pic of my clit

User Generated Teen Pussy Gallery

Besides the incredibly hot girls that you can see here I really like to see the user generated galleries that are created.

Their are several teen pussy galleries that a user creates by pulling from different pictorials and creating a new gallery.  Some are of one girl only and others you will find a mix of different babes.

I think this is a great idea because I have found that I will discover someone with similar tastes as mine and then look for other galleries that have been created by that user.  It saves me time finding the teen clits I love so much.  Check out more pussy here.

For the next post I have a guest author that I think will be a pleasant surprise for many.  Stay tuned.

Perfect Teen Clit?

I want you to be the judge.  I think this chick is really hot!  Look at the tits on her!  Incredible.  They are very full and do not sag.  They definitely would pass the pencil test.  What you have never heard of the pencil test?  This is when you place a pencil under your girl’s titty and if the titty doesn’t hold it in then they are too small.  Please try this test out at home.

This babe has a near perfect teen clit too.  It is full and puffy and ripe for the picking.  I like the way she carries herself.  She seems very confident and with a body liker hers I can see why.  The picture below is great because she has her legs spread and in the air, and toes pointed, .  Just the way you like it when you are driving your dick home and her legs are in the air and ready to wrap around your back.  Enjoy this hot pictorial and check out more of this gorgeous babe.