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Hippie and Very Large Clit

Free love and a very large clit is what it is all about.  The hippie movement was all about going against the establishment which meant getting rid of your inhibitions and fucking anywhere at any time.  I guess there was a little anti-war stuff in there too but I don’t want you to miss my point.

hippie chick with nice clit

This is Nika and you can see that she really has an outstanding body.  Nice curves, well shaped breasts, and she is really petite.  What an enormous clitoris she has!  Seriously, you would not expect it from such a small girl.  I guess good things really do come in small packages!

hippie girl spreading her legs and pussy

You will really have your hands full with her.  Wait, you’re thinking “this guy just wrote will have your hands full.  Impossible – I would have to meet her” .  Yup.  You’re right and here is your chance to see and talk with her.  Do you need a little more motivation?  Look at this next picture.  Now just imagine what you would like her to do.

huge clit on small girl

Asian Teen Clit

This hot Asian teen really has us excited.  Beautiful long silky black hair and wearing a seductive white beach cover-up to start out.  A bit of her left breast exposed with the nipple almost hard.  A little licking and sucking would have that nip really sticking out.


The rest of the photo gallery has her in some very flexible poses but let’s get to the good stuff.  Her pussy has beautifully shaped lips and is nicely shaved.  Her slick teen clit is larger than average and would be amazing to kiss and lick.  What is really amazing is you can now view the very models on these pages on their new web cam service.  I like to think of it as a clit cam!

asian shaved pussy