Emily’s Teen Clit

My name is Jennifer and I was asked to do a guest review for you today.   I guess you would consider me bisexual but I don’t really like labels. I’ve always enjoyed men and women so I don’t think about it much. I was surprised when I was asked to do this but looking for a girl to review was more of a turn-on than I thought.  I decided on Emily but she is not usually the type I go for.

I usually go for a girl that’s a little thicker but I really loved the way her pussy and clit looked.  In the shot above I can picture us finishing a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine and snuggling together in the grass, giggling, and starting to run our hands over each other.  I wonder if she’s into women?

Emily has nice puffy nipples which I am really fond of.  Her tits remind me of my second encounter with a girl when I was 15.  Her name was Carol and her nipples didn’t really get hard but they puffed out more when she was getting turned-on.  Come to think of it Emily’s pussy looks a lot like Carol’s!   Carol would really moan when i started fingering her.  At that point I hadn’t licked my first pussy – that was a year later.  I’ll save that story for another day if I am asked back.  I think the little bit of hair around Emily’s pussy looks good don’t you?

If you would like me to guest post again vote on these pics.  I’ll consider it a vote for me!  Who knows I might even be convinced to post a pic of my clit